The Sugar Industry Biotech Council provides science-based information regarding biotechnology and other technological advances in sugar beet and sugar cane crops. This image of the world illustrates the worldwide approvals for safety that supports the planting of sugar beets improved through biotechnology.

Regulatory Approvals

Roundup Ready® sugar beets have been approved for production, and for food and feed uses, in the United States and Canada since 2005.

The United States exports small amounts of sugar and sugar-containing food products primarily to four key export markets – Japan, Canada, Mexico and the European Union – each of whom has granted regulatory approval to products derived from Roundup Ready sugarbeets.

Sugar and other derived products are fully approved for food and feed uses in Japan, the European Union, Mexico, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, Russia, China, Singapore and the Philippines.

Regulatory approvals are in progress for the other remaining export markets that have established biotech regulatory systems. Additional export markets allow imports even though they presently do not have formal regulations for importation of biotechnology-enhanced products, based on regulatory approval in the country of origin.

This broad international approval of Roundup Ready sugar beets and their derived products, including sugar, molasses, and pulp, supports commercial production of Roundup Ready sugar beets in the United States and Canada.

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