The Sugar Industry Biotech Council provides science-based information regarding biotechnology and other technological advances in sugar beet and sugar cane crops. These images illustrate sugar beets and the pulp and molasses produced from them. Pulp and molasses produced from sugar beets improved through biotechnology are as safe and nutritious as the comparable products from other sugar beets.

The Pulp and Molasses are Nutritionally Equivalent

The pulp and molasses from Roundup Ready® sugar beets have the same nutritional quality as the pulp and molasses from other, comparably grown sugar beets. Proteins are naturally present in all non-biotech sugar beets currently used as the source of the pulp and molasses added to animal feed. The protein that imparts glyphosate tolerance also will be included among the multitude of naturally occurring proteins present in Roundup Ready® sugar beets. Since the protein and genetic material are removed in the sugar-refining process, molasses does not contain any detectable biotech material.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) consultation on Roundup Ready sugar beets confirmed that Roundup Ready sugar beets and end-products derived from those sugar beets are substantially equivalent to, and as safe and nutritious as, the food and feed products derived from today’s conventional sugar beets. Additionally, regulatory agencies in key export markets (Canada, the European Union, Japan and Australia) have reviewed Roundup Ready sugar beets and confirmed the same information.

Over 30 different animal feed performance studies have been conducted, feeding swine, beef cattle and dairy cows – among other livestock – corn grain or soybean meal from biotech-enhanced crops. All have shown that feed ingredients derived from a variety of biotechnology-enhanced crops perform similarly to their conventional counterparts (Clark and Ipharraguerre, 2001; Flachowsky et al., 2005).

A recent sheep-feeding study concluded there is no difference in the nutrient digestibility of feed ingredients from Roundup Ready or conventional sugar beets, demonstrating that the feed derived from Roundup Ready sugar beets is as safe and nutritious as that derived from conventional sugar beets (Hartnell et al., 2005).

The nutrients in meat, milk and eggs from livestock and poultry that consume feed containing ingredients derived from biotechnology-enhanced crops are the same as those products from animals fed feed containing no ingredients from biotech crops, and are safe for human consumption (Federation of Animal Science Societies –

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